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Cast and Crew of Ceiling Zero


James Cagney
Dizzy Davies
Pat O’Brien
Jake L. Lee
June Travis
Tommy Thomas
Stuart Erwin
Texas Clarke
Barton MacLane
Al Stone
Henry Wadsworth
Tay Lawson
Isabel Jewell
Lou Clarke
Mary Miller Lee Martha Tibbetts
Joe Allen Craig Reynolds
Smiley (as Dick Purcell) Dick Purcell
Eddie Payson Carlyle Moore Jr.
Fred Adams Addison Richards
Mike Owens Garry Owen
Doc Wilson Edward Gargan
Les Bogan Robert Light


Arthur Edeson
Director of Photography
Costume Design Orry-Kelly
Makeup Artist Perc Westmore
Howard Hawks
Editor William Holmes
Screenplay Frank Wead
Theatre Play Frank Wead
Special Effects Fred Jackman
Art Direction John Hughes