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Lucio Fulci (Director), Elisa Briganti (Writer) View All

Release: Aug. 25th, 1979
Runtime: 1 hour, 31 minutes
On the Caribbean island of Matul, white doctor David Menard is trying to stem the tide of cannibal zombies that are returning from the dead. Arriving on the island are Anne and reporter Peter West who are looking for Anne's missing father. The pair soon find themselves under attack from the zombies.
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I cant exactly remember how and why I sat down to watch this film in the first place, but I vividly remember being both surprised and delighted to see a film from the exploitation outlands taking place on a zombie island and making me feel at home and on vacation at the same time.
Zombie was one of the first Italian horror movies Id seen that wasnt directed by Dario Argento, and at the time I dont think I was really prepared for Fulcis style, which admittedly is more uneven than Argentos.