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Goodbye Mommy


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Jack Wedge (Director) View All

Release: Oct. 25th, 2019
Runtime: 13 minutes
A surrealist, sci-fi, neo-noir fable about a hard-boiled but heartbroken detective whose new case takes him on the trail of a giant missing king and his tiny, adorable alien baby. The delirious short takes place in a far future equal parts Blade Runner and Bruegel the Elder, full of tough-talking gangsters, jaw-dropping neon vistas, and enough bizarre creatures and robots to fill several Star Wars cantinas. The world-building illustrates the...
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I think that it takes talent to walk that line of something looking "wrong" while still looking intentionally made, and this short fell on the right side of that line for me.
The lead detective (voiced by Chris Wedge) feels misunderstood and like he "doesn't really fit into this world", but much like this short film, this job will turn out to be not what he (or us!) expected.


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