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Hiroshima mon amour


Emmanuelle Riva, Eiji Okada, Stella Dassas, Pierre Barbaud View All


Alain Resnais (Director), Marguerite Duras (Screenplay) View All

Release: Jun. 10th, 1959
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes
The deep conversation between a Japanese architect and a French actress forms the basis of this celebrated French film, considered one of the vanguard productions of the French New Wave. Set in Hiroshima after the end of World War II, the couple -- lovers turned friends -- recount, over many hours, previous romances and life experiences. The two intertwine their stories about the past with pondering the devastation wrought by the atomic bomb...
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mark f
Well, back 30 years ago, I would never have believed that because his films all carried a highly personal stamp, mostly in theme, cinematography and escalating editing techniques, but maybe Resnais is correct in the fact that he's responsible for his films but he goes out of his way to surround hims....
Citizen Rules
It's hard to believe that a movie about Hiroshima that was actually filmed there could have next to zero impact on me.
It might be seen as a precarious thing to compare a person's personal experience to the bombing of Hiroshima, but the film is so subjective and tangled in the actress's memories, that it doesn't feel like a tasteless comparison so much as a way to reflect her anguish.