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Cast and Crew of The Naked Truth


Lord Henry Mayley
Peter Sellers
Sonny MacGregor
Flora Ransom Peggy Mount
Shirley Eaton
Melissa Right
Dennis Price
Nigel Dennis
Georgina Cookson
Lady Lucy Mayley
Joan Sims
Ethel Ransom
Miles Malleson
Rev. Bastable
Porter Kenneth Griffith
Bill Murphy Bill Edwards
Paunchy Old Man Wally Patch
Gunsmith Henry Hewitt
Police Inspector John Stuart
Policeman David Lodge
Authoress Joan Hurley
T.V. Announcer Peter Noble
Doctor Victor Rietti
Chemist (uncredited) Ronald Adam
Photographer (uncredited) George Benson
Police Officer (uncredited) Tom Gill
Dinner Guest (uncredited) Muriel Greenslade
Chinese Man in Pub (uncredited) Andy Ho
2nd Irishman (uncredited) Barry Keegan
Man Who Lets Out Police Car's Tyre (uncredited) Kenneth Kove
Walter - Contestant in T.V. Show (uncredited) Wilfrid Lawson
Scientist (uncredited) Arnold Marlé
Lady in Autograph Crowd (uncredited) Edie Martin
Old Man in T.V. Show Audience (uncredited) Gibb McLaughlin
Lady on Phone (uncredited) Marjorie Rhodes
J.E. Freeman - Greengrocer (uncredited) Michael Ripper
Pub Landlord (uncredited) Raymond Rollett
Minister with Heart Attack (uncredited) Austin Trevor
1st Irishman (uncredited) Jerold Wells


Writer Michael Pertwee
Director Mario Zampi
Sound Recordist Fred Ryan