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Floating Weeds


Ganjiro Nakamura, Machiko Ky?, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Ayako Wakao View All


Yasujir? Ozu (Screenplay), Yasujir? Ozu (Director), K?go Noda (Screenplay), Tadao Ikeda (Screenplay) View All

Release: Nov. 17th, 1959
Runtime: 1 hour, 55 minutes
A troupe of travelling players arrive at a small seaport in the south of Japan. Komajuro Arashi, the aging master of the troupe, goes to visit his old flame Oyoshi and their son Kiyoshi, even though Kiyoshi believes Komajuro is his uncle. The leading actress Sumiko is jealous and so, in order to humiliate the master, persuades the younger actress Kayo to seduce Kiyoshi.
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I think that the 30s version slightly takes the edge here for me, as I love the look of the rain in black and white, but the sequence in this version was still goosebump worthy.


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