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Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett View All


Vincenzo Natali (Screenplay), Vincenzo Natali (Director), André Bijelic (Screenplay), Graeme Manson (Screenplay) View All

Release: Sep. 9th, 1997
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
A group of strangers find themselves trapped in a maze-like prison. It soon becomes clear that each of them possesses the peculiar skills necessary to escape, if they don't wind up dead first.
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28 Pi or Cube?
i've been getting into low budget psychological movies lately. i havent seen Pi or Cube and both look pretty interesting. if you can give a short description on which you like better and which you s...
15 Cube
Just saw this on Netflix, thought it was pretty good. I did not think I would like it . The ending was good ,should have seen it coming ! But didn't it is worth watching ....
8 Uncubed (A.K.A. Cube Zero)
Lions Gate is believed to have started already filming a prequel to the "Cube" movie series entitled Uncubed .Filming began last Monday and continues through til nxt month, with Stephanie Mo...
13 Ending for cube
I just finished watching the movie yesterday and thought it was great. Anyways my question is this. My girlfriend has seen it 1 other than time before yesterday and she distinctly remembers the ending...
4 movie like cube
hello, i guess most of you've seen Cube series. i've been told there was another movie like Cube, but trapped in a different shape. does anyone have any clue what could it be? thanks...

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They soon discover that the cube is linked with other cubes on every side, thus giving the impression that they are trapped in a fairly large cube.
It may lose a little something on a repeat viewing as the more enigmatic aspects of the Cube and its unlucky prisoners become known to an audience (though I still haven't seen the other two Cube films that apparently explain the Cube's back-story) but there's still enough quality on display so that ....
Citizen Rules
As they try to escape the cube prison they find that some of the individual cubes have a death device in them.
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