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The Fearless Vampire Killers


Jack MacGowran, Roman Polanski, Alfie Bass, Jessie Robins View All


Gérard Brach (Screenplay), Gérard Brach (Writer), Roman Polanski (Screenplay), Roman Polanski (Director) View All

Release: Feb. 1st, 1967
Runtime: 1 hour, 48 minutes
A noted professor and his dim-witted apprentice fall prey to their inquiring vampires, while on the trail of the ominous damsel in distress.
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Reviewed by

The Gnat
Overall this is a very funny film and a well done film. It isn't a masterpeice by any means, but the studio's that are making the current terrible parody films might want to watch this film to figure out how to make a good parody instead of just making "Scary Movie 1,247"..
But unbeknownst them sharon tate is already bitten and she turns into a vampire and bites professor's assistant and the movie ends with the implication that the professors not only failed to kill the vampire but he is responsible for spreading vampires across the world.