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Phantom of the Paradise


William Finley, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham View All


Brian De Palma (Director), Brian De Palma (Writer) View All

Release: Oct. 31st, 1974
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Fledgling singer-songwriter Winslow Leach finds himself double-crossed by the nefarious music producer Swan, who steals both his music and the girl Winslow wants to sing it, Phoenix, for the grand opening of his rock palace, the Paradise. After Swan has Winslow sent to prison for trespassing, Winslow endures a freak accident that leaves him disfigured, after which he seeks revenge on both Swan and the Paradise.
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Winslow confronts Swan and swears to kill him but Swan tries to tell Winslow he has changed and he will start to do Windows music his way as long as Winslow promise to rewrite his music for Swans paradise grand opening But once Winslow learns that Swan has tricked him again he sets out for revenge a....