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Cast and Crew of Cats Don't Dance


Scott Bakula
Jasmine Guy
Natalie Cole
Sawyer (singing voice)
Darla Dimple Ashley Peldon
Darla Dimple (singing voice) Lindsay Ridgeway
Frank Welker
Farley Wink (voice)
Don Knotts
T.W. Turtle (voice)
George Kennedy
L.B. Mammoth (voice)
Woolie Mammoth (voice) John Rhys-Davies
Tillie Hippo (voice) Kathy Najimy
Flanigan (voice) René Auberjonois
Cranston (voice) Hal Holbrook
Frances (voice) Betty Lou Gerson
Kong / Additional Voices (voice) Dee Bradley Baker
Max (voice) Mark Dindal
Additional Voices (voice) Bob Bergen
Additional Voices (voice) Debi Derryberry
Additional Voices (voice) Bill Farmer
Additional Voices (voice) Barbara Goodson
Additional Voices (voice) Catherine Battistone
Additional Voices (voice) Vanessa Theme Ament
T.W. Turtle (singing voice) Rick Logan


Screenplay Cinco Paul
Mark Dindal
Mark Dindal
Writer David Womersley
Screenplay Theresa Cullen
Screenplay Elana Lesser
Screenplay Cliff Ruby
Screenplay Roberts Gannaway
Writer Robert Lence
Animation Dave Kupczyk
Story Rick Schneider
Character Designer Rick Schneider
Animation Matthew Schofield
Background Designer Leonard Robledo
Layout Karen Hamrock
Animation Jeff Johnson
Supervising Animator Jay Jackson
Storyboard Eric Koenig
Animation Manager Simon Rodgers
Visual Effects Al Holter
Layout Marco Cinello
Layout Peter J. Deluca
Storyboard Frans Vischer
Animation Derek L'Estrange
Animation Miri Yoon
Writer Brian McEntee
Writer Kelvin Yasuda