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Cast and Crew of The Hill


Sean Connery
Joe Roberts
Harry Andrews
R.S.M. Wilson
Ian Bannen
Alfred Lynch
George Stevens
Ossie Davis
Jacko King
Roy Kinnear
Monty Bartlett
Jack Watson
Jock McGrath
Ian Hendry
Staff Sergeant Williams
The Medical Officer Michael Redgrave
Commandant Norman Bird
Burton Neil McCarthy
Walters Howard Goorney
Martin Tony Caunter


Sidney Lumet
Director of Photography Oswald Morris
Producer Kenneth Hyman
Associate Producer Raymond Anzarut
Editor Thelma Connell
Sound Editor Peter Musgrave
Makeup Artist George Partleton
Screenplay Ray Rigby
Theatre Play Ray Rigby
Theatre Play R.S. Allen
Recording Supervision A.W. Watkins
Wardrobe Supervisor Elsa Fennell
Sound Mixer Fred Turtle
Production Manager Clifton Brandon
Art Direction Herbert Smith
Sound Recordist David Bowen