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Bad Men of Tombstone


Barry Sullivan, Marjorie Reynolds, Broderick Crawford, Fortunio Bonanova View All


Kurt Neumann (Director), Philip Yordan (Screenplay), Arthur Strawn (Screenplay) View All

Release: Jan. 21st, 1949
Runtime: 1 hour, 15 minutes
A marshal goes up against a collection of vicious outlaws terrorizing his own.
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12 Tombstone
I know I can be a bit slow when it comes to classics, but I finally watched Tombstone today for the first time. There's already a Val Kilmer thread(who has become one of my top 50 actors from that dam...
6 Clone War! Tombstone Vs Wyatt Earp
Tombstone released in 1993, Wyatt Earp in 1994... both based on the Old West tale of Earp and The Gunfight At The OK Corral. Both have considerably strong casts: Tombstone with Kurt Russell, Val K...
3 The Untouchables (1987) vs. Tombstone (1993)
Which movie dealing with a legendary lawman do you think was better, or did a better job? Tombstone had more emotional punching moments for me, but I didn't like the third act, as it just shows a m...

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