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Cast and Crew of Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS


Dyanne Thorne
Wolfe Gregory Knoph
Mario Tony Mumolo
Anna Maria Marx
Kata Nicolle Riddell
Maigret Sandy Richman
George Buck Flower
Binz (as C.D. Lafleuer)
Gretchen Rodina Keeler
General (as Wolfgang Roehm) Richard Kennedy
Richter Lance Marshall
Prisoner (uncredited) Wayne Beauchamp
Nude Prisoner in Bed (uncredited) Eve Orlon
Redheaded Prisoner (uncredited) Colleen Brennan
Prisoner (uncredited) Sandy Dempsey
Irene, Prisoner in Pressurized Chamber (uncredited) Uschi Digard
Rosette (uncredited) Jacqueline Giroux
Nazi Guard with Mustache (uncredited) John F. Goff
Nazi Guard (uncredited) Meri McDonald
Blonde Prisoner (uncredited) Janet Newell
First Prisoner Beside Wolfe (uncredited) Gary Schneider
Prisoner on Ice Block (uncredited) Peggy Sipots
Prisoner with White Scarf (uncredited) Donna Young


Director Don Edmonds
Production Designer Jackson De Govia
Director of Photography Glenn Roland
Writer John C.W. Saxton
Sound Recordist Don White
Producer David F. Friedman
Writer Jonah Royston
Special Effects Technician Wayne Beauchamp
Editor Kurt Schnit
Sound Mixer Joe Grimaldi
Stunts Packy Smith
Special Effects Makeup Artist Joe Blasco
Production Manager Karl Bergen
Sound Re-Recording Mixer Bill Henderson
Production Secretary Irena Latina