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Sansho the Bailiff


Kinuyo Tanaka, Yoshiaki Hanayagi, Ky?ko Kagawa, Eitar? Shind? View All


Kenji Mizoguchi (Director), Yoshikata Yoda (Screenplay), Fuji Yahiro (Screenplay), Ogai Mori (Story) View All

Release: Mar. 31st, 1954
Runtime: 2 hours, 4 minutes
In medieval Japan, a woman and his children journey to find the family's patriarch, who was exiled years before.
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1 A masterpiece
If you don't cry at the end, you have no heart! EDIT: Okay, this didn't work the way I expected....

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Reviewed by

The Gunslinger45
But my level of experience with the Japanese Golden Age at the time I joined was limited to Akira Kurosawa and the first Godzilla movie.
Sansho the Bailiff could be seen as a tragic story of time lost and wasted youth, but it is also a story of change and redemption, mercy and hope; one where there's still time to do good and make up for the years lost, if we keep that teaching to ourselves and never give up.
Citizen Rules
I hadn't realized that in Japan's past they too had built wealth & power out of the bondage of other humans and that historical realization brought to the screen via film is another strong reason to watch this film.


Mr Minio