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Star Trek: First Contact


James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard, Alice Krige, Neal McDonough View All


Jonathan Frakes (Director), Brannon Braga (Screenplay), Ronald D. Moore (Screenplay) View All

Released: Nov. 21st, 1996
Runtime: 1 hour, 51 minutes
The Borg, a relentless race of cyborgs, are on a direct course for Earth. Violating orders to stay away from the battle, Captain Picard and the crew of the newly-commissioned USS Enterprise E pursue the Borg back in time to prevent the invaders from changing Federation history and assimilating the galaxy.
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/// It only took 30 years but First Contact marked the first occasion where the actual phrase star trek was uttered in Star Trek history.
None of the characters in the film really get the same kind of development Picard does, save for Data and his capture by the Borg, and Lily, a woman from the 21st century who is eventually the one who gets Picard to see the error of his ways.
The Rodent
---The Borg attempt to enslave humanity in the past, before First Contact between Terrans and Vulcans; Picard must fight his demons from his assimilation into the Collective as he leads the Enterprise-E back in time to ensure that Zephram Cochrane's first warp test and subsequent meeting of the extra-terrestrials take place.