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Woman in the Dunes


Eiji Okada, Kyoko Kishida, Ginz Sekiguchi, Kji Mitsui View All


Hiroshi Teshigahara (Director), Kb Abe (Screenplay) View All

Released: Feb. 15th, 1964
Runtime: 2 hours, 27 minutes
An entomologist suffers extreme psychological and sexual torture after being taken captive by the residents of a poor seaside village.
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That's a minor nit-pick within the greater context of this film (if not a subtle metaphor of its own that suggests a serious short-sightedness on Okada's part) as Woman in the Dunes crafts a reasonably compelling tale of imprisonment and the associated psychological trauma.
Dog Star Man
In approaching Woman in the Dunes, like many Hiroshi Teshigahara films that precurse it, one must think in the realm of metaphors and interpretations underneath the visual surface.
The Wind That Blows Through It One of those films about everything and nothing, Woman of the Dunes is beautifully filmed, full of contradictions (that make sense), and treacherously hard to define.