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Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Ruffalo View All


Michael Mann (Director), Stuart Beattie (Writer) View All

Released: Aug. 6th, 2004
Runtime: 2 hours
Cab driver Max picks up a man who offers him $600 to drive him around. But the promise of easy money sours when Max realizes his fare is an assassin.
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By the time Tom Cruise's middle aged sociopath jumps onto the back of a moving subway car, you can't help but wonder if this is the ending to a different film you're watching, or if thery replaced the director for the last act, or if Mann just can't resist returning to his "Miami Vice" days of predictable action drivel....
After dropping off an attractive lawyer named Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith)at her office, Max almost misses being hailed by a slick guy in a sharp suit named Vincent (Tom Cruise), who offers Max $600 and a $100 tip, twice his usual evening take, if Max will be his cabbie for the evening and take him to five different locations.
Vincent offers Max an extra couple hundred dollars to drive him around the city for the night - but it's not long until Max realizes that Vincent is actually a hit man and Max is driving him to his targets.