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Bowling for Columbine


Michael Moore, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Clark View All


Michael Moore (Director), Michael Moore (Writer) View All

Release: Oct. 11th, 2002
Runtime: 2 hours
Why do 11,000 people die in America each year at the hands of gun violence? Talking heads yelling from every TV camera blame everything from Satan to video games. But are we that much different from many other countries? What sets us apart? How have we become both the master and victim of such enormous amounts of violence? This is not a film about gun control. It is a film about the fearful heart and soul of the United States, and the 280...
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13 Bowling for Columbine
HAs anyone seen the movie? I saw it and was alternately disgusted and amused by the movie. Michael Moore abuses his pulpit by presenting half-facts and spins on the truth to make his argument seem ...
7 Bowling for Columbine DVD...Cancelled?
According to a video retailers magazine I got at my shop today, the DVD (and VHS) of Bowling for Columbine (In the U.S., anyway) has been "Put on hold, indefinitely." A possible backlash fr...
263 A Bowling for Columbine Review
Michael Moore's film Bowling for Columbine is an extremely powerful editorial on the culture of fear and violence we as Americans live in. I literally had to laugh at some of this to keep from crying...
31 bowling for columbine...confliction anyone???
well well well, I sat and I watched it...in my house not in the theaters...and holy molly.....never as a canadian have I felt so much sympathy....mixed with anger mixed with unity mixed with ...
0 Song from Bowling for Columbine
Does anybody know the name and artist of the song that they play in bowling for columbine while they're showing the footage of the school cameras during the massacre? It's a guitar acoustic and I'd l...

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