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Death Race 2000


David Carradine, Simone Griffeth, Sylvester Stallone, Mary Woronov View All


Charles B. Griffith (Screenplay), Paul Bartel (Director), Robert Thom (Screenplay) View All

Released: Apr. 27th, 1975
Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes
In a boorish future, the government sponsors a popular, but bloody, cross-country race in which points are scored by mowing down pedestrians. Five teams, each comprised of a male and female, compete using cars equipped with deadly weapons. Frankenstein, the mysterious returning champion, has become America's hero, but this time he has a passenger from the underground resistance.
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Though rather surprisingly given its budget the film does have some fine cinematography at times of the landscapes they drive through provided by Tak Fujimoto, a man who had already worked on Badlands and would go on to great success with films like The Silence of the Lambs and The Sixth Sense.
Citizen Rules
From the start of the movie until the end, my attention was held fast by the satirical wit and sheer spectacle of bizarre looking racing cars and topless women which makes such a strange film satisfying.
In this particular dystopia, the bread and circuses take the form of the Trans-Continental Road Race, where a grand total of five cars (each one commandeered by a team that contains driver and a navigator, all of which just happen to be man-woman teams to boot) as they not only have to race from coast to coast but also try to rack up as many points as possible by running over pedestrians in the process.
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