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Sunshine Cleaning


Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn, Alan Arkin View All


Christine Jeffs (Director) View All

Release: Jan. 18th, 2008
Runtime: 1 hour, 42 minutes
A single mother and her slacker sister find an unexpected way to turn their lives around in the off-beat dramatic comedy. In order to raise the tuition to send her young son to private school the mom starts an unusual business a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service.
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Holden Pike
There's a good supporting cast to aid them including Zahn as the handsome cad, Mary Lynn Rajskub as a young woman Blunt's Norah tries to befriend under false pretenses, the venerable Paul Dooley playing a used car salesman calling to mind his greatest role in Breaking Away (1979), and Clifton Collin....