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Cast and Crew of Alice in Wonderland


Kathryn Beaumont
Alice (voice)
Ed Wynn
Mad Hatter (voice)
Richard Haydn
Caterpillar (voice)
Sterling Holloway
Cheshire Cat (voice)
Jerry Colonna
March Hare (voice)
Verna Felton
Queen of Hearts (voice)
J. Pat O'Malley
Walrus / Carpenter / Dee / Dum (voice)
Bill Thompson
White Rabbit / Dodo (voice)
Alice's Sister (voice) Heather Angel
Doorknob (voice) Joseph Kearns
Bill (voice) Larry Grey
Bird in the Tree (voice) Queenie Leonard
King of Hearts (voice) Dink Trout
The Rose (voice) Doris Lloyd
Dormouse (voice) James MacDonald
Dinah (voice) (uncredited) Clarence Nash
Sunflower / Tulip (voice) (uncredited) Lucille Bliss
Flamingo (voice) (uncredited) Pinto Colvig
Young Pansy (voice) (uncredited) Tommy Luske
Singing Flowers (voice) (uncredited) Marni Nixon
White Rose (voice) (uncredited) Norma Zimmer


Walt Disney
Story Ted Sears
Hamilton Luske
Wilfred Jackson
Eric Larson
Wolfgang Reitherman
Story Bill Peet
Frank Thomas
Story Winston Hibler
Director Clyde Geronimi
Story Erdman Penner
Story Joe Rinaldi
Original Music Composer Oliver Wallace
Story William Cottrell
Animation John Lounsbery
Story Joe Grant
Story Dick Huemer
Novel Lewis Carroll
Editor Lloyd L. Richardson
Story Milt Banta
Story Dick Kelsey
Story Del Connell
Story Tom Oreb
Story John Walbridge
Conceptual Design Mary Blair
Animation Ward Kimball
Animation Les Clark
Animation Milt Kahl
Animation Ollie Johnston
Animation Marc Davis