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Queen of the Damned


Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah, Marguerite Moreau, Vincent Perez View All


Michael Rymer (Director), Michael Petroni (Screenplay), Scott Abbott (Screenplay) View All

Release: Feb. 10th, 2002
Runtime: 1 hour, 41 minutes
Lestat de Lioncourt is awakened from his slumber. Bored with his existence, he has now become this generation's new Rock God. While in the course of time, another has arisen, Akasha, the Queen of the Vampires and the Dammed. He wants immortal fame, his fellow vampires want him eternally dead for his betrayal, and the Queen wants him for her King. Who will be the first to reach him? Who shall win?
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It made sense for Anne Rice to centre her debut vampire novel Interview with the Vampire around Louis, a vampire who viewed his condition as a curse and refused to feed on humans out of moral convictions - a viewpoint that constantly put him at odds with Lestat, the much less morally-conflicted vamp....


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