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Katsuo Nakamura, Juro Kara, Yasuko Sanjo, Masao Imafuku View All


Toshio Matsumoto (Screenplay), Toshio Matsumoto (Director) View All

Release: Feb. 13th, 1971
Runtime: 2 hours, 14 minutes
Gengobe Satsuma, an exiled samurai cast out as an Asano clan retainer is given a second chance to join his brothers in arms to become the 48th Ronin against the Shogunate. His faithful servant gathers the 100 ryo required for his acceptance. Gengobe is also in love with a greedy geisha named Koman. About to be sold to another man, Gengobe learns that for him to keep her, her debt is exactly 100 ryo.
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From a filmmaking point of view, my favorite aspect was definitely the way that the film creates a highly subjective experience, usually from Gengobei's point of view.
The first one plays Gengobe with mixtures of desperation, unhinged anger, as well as frustration, while Sanjo perfectly plays the deceiving nature and greed of Koman, followed by her fear of being caught up with.


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