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Raise the Red Lantern


Gong Li, Ma Jing-Wu, He Saifei, Cao Cui-Fen View All


Zhang Yimou (Director), Ni Zhen (Writer) View All

Release: Dec. 20th, 1991
Runtime: 2 hours, 5 minutes
China in the 1920s. After her father's death, 19 year old Songlian is forced to marry the much older lord of a powerful family. With three wives already, each living in a separate house within the great castle, there is fierce competition for his attention and the privileges that are gained. This competition gets out of hand...
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24 6th HOF-Raise The Red Lantern
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Citizen Rules
I loved the way the film's cinematography felt confined and that's fitting as the young woman in the film is basically sequestered in her room in this manor estate.