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Has anyone seen this yet? I watched some of it last night and it's hilarious..of course all the shows are for adults, since language is added in. One of the shows, Birdman Attorney at Law, was implying that Dr Quest, and Race were gay, and Johnny and Hadji were their love children...IT WAS HILARIOUS.

I think it's on every night starting at 9, but I didn't think Cartoon Network would do shows like that, makes me wanna watch even more.

I suggest you catch this some night. It's worth a peek.
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I haven't seen it yet but I plan on watching it once I can. All I know is that it has new episodes of The Brak show and SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST!!!!!!!

I thought it was only sunday nights though?
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I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Well I just did a check on when it aired and all and looks like it only aired last night of this week. It probably only runs on Sunday's, who knows.

EDIT - Just heard a thing for it...yes thats right Im at school teaching kids while talking to you guys and watching cartoon network......It's Thursday and Sunday nights at 9
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i think he meant thats what he thinks is the funniest cartoon and by the way Bra show is the best one.

ITs on tonight cant wait!!