The Neverending story?


Does anyone know when this is coming out on DVD?...also, what features will it have?


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I would check with Laurie L on this one. She usually knows just about everything you need to know on any DVD. Just whenever you need to know something just ask her.
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hahaha...that was a joke on the simpsons once as well!

Strange...I have conflicting release date info for this one. One release says Sept 4, one says Sept 11, but I don't think it was pushed back. The press release doesn't note any special features. Just says Anamorphic transfer, 5.1 audio, Spanish and French options. Nothing about added goodies. I don't think I have any more info on this one at work yet, but I'll see tomorrow. Considering it's a Warner Brothers movie, I wouldn't be surprised if this is it.
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Originally posted by TWTCommish
Yup -- you think I made it up myself? Not a chance. I was hoping someone would notice the reference.
I've noticed in my years of spouting off Simpsons references at any opportunity that often people don't pick up the reference.

For example, can anyone spot the Simpsons reference in "Almost". I took a speech right from a Simpsons episode, but nobody has mentioned to me that they recognized it.

As for NeverEnding Story, I won't buy it because it'll come in one of those boxes that I hate but that Warners puts everything in. I've become a DVD snob, and I hate those boxes. (And I didn't like the movie, so that's a big part of it, too).

You wouldn't buy a movie because of the box it comes in? Sheeesh! If it's one of my favorite movies, and it comes in widescreen I'd buy it if it came in a milk carton!

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Here here..

And you gotta love that catchy theme song.. LOL...

the neverending storrrrrrrrrreeeeeee ahhhh ahhh ah ah ah ah...the neverending storrrrrrrrrreeeeeee....its almost like the neverending song..

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Originally posted by ryanpaige
I've noticed in my years of spouting off Simpsons references at any opportunity that often people don't pick up the reference.
I always notice, I just don't say anything about it. But just so you don't feel all alone, I notice! I care!
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I picked this up the other day.

It has some of the cheesiest extra's I have ever seen. Stupid little notes, like where Atreyu comes from..blah blah.

I think it was a great opportunity to provide some amazing extras, like making of, and lots of other how they did the special affects and such.

Don't get me wrong, seeing TNES in Widescreen is worth buying the DVD alone. I am a widescreen fanatic, and would barely even rent VHS from blockbuster because all their crap is in P&S.

The DVD also has the original trailer...which was cool to see.

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