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Bruce Campbell did a damn fine job in the Evil Dead trilogy

Damn right!!!
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John Turturro in The Big Lebowski.

Oh, did you mean Jesus CHRIST? That guy is a superstar. Then Willem Dafoe in The Last Temptation of Christ (Scorsese), of course.
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...Oh, did you mean Jesus CHRIST? That guy is a superstar....
eeeeeeeeeeeeeegads!!! I love bad puns and that still made me groan!
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Dang, Holden beat me to the Big Lebowski reference!

I'd have to agree and say Willem Dafoe... I never really understood the controversey surrounding the movie seeing as how Jesus was a man as well as the son of God... but that's a discussion for a whole new thread
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Christopher Reeve in Superman 1 and 2. Can't beat a Jesus that shoots lasers from his eyes. :P Seriously though, I'd say Jim Caviezel in Passion of the Christ. I didn't care for the movie itself since it was way too violent for my tastes but Caviezel did a great job.
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I personally think Jim Caviezel is not a good actor. I thought Max Von Sydow portrayed the Lord much better. He has always been a great actor. But I agree that there was too much violence in the Passion.


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Evil Dead is not a religious movie and there is no actor who plays the Lord in that film. However, The Greatest Story Ever Told features the best portrayal of Jesus Christ and there is not a finer actor to play Him than Max Von Sydow.