Star Wars - Episode 2


Have anyone heard new rumors about this film? I mean guideline things etc.

(Sorry about the "poll" thing, that was just testing)
Am I lucky or...?


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I know it has a crappy name. Does that count?!!?
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Leno had a funny joke the night of when the name was released.

"Yea, they came out with the name of the new Star Wars flick's called....Sorry about the last one"

haha...actually pretty funny!


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All i know, is that Lucas is keeping a tight lid on it as usual. I'm sure something is getting leaked out to one of the Star Wars fan sites.
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Isn't it a suck about Lucas not wanting to do the last 3 movies? If he hadn't of brought Jar Jar in then it wouldn't be a bad set

Hey Mr Lucas!
Just cut out all the kiddie and toy selling stuff. Try to make a Star wars film for adults and you'll be ok. The first Star wars movies weren't aimed at kids or maybe even families, they were regular sci-fi films. That's why they were so great, and the revolutionary special effects. By adult movies I don't mean go heavy on all that polictical stuff. I couldn't pay attention to that. I mean just nock off all the cutesy kiddie stuff. I know it'll be hard since the stars in the next one will be teenagers and that clone thing has been done too many times what with The Sixth Day and other such stuff. Try to hire some people with original thoughts that don't borrow from other movies.

Due out this may, late may.
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Well the name of Star Wars 2 harks back to those old weird B-movies that Lucas always wanted to make. So it's not so bad if you think about it. Except people who don't understand sci-fi movies will probably think it's crap.