Pet Sematary, Would you use one?

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I just saw this movie again & it freaked me out. I would put it now in my top 5 Scary movies.

But I wuz just thinking.
If a Pet Sematary was available & it did resurrect people (but it wouldnt make them psycho), would you use it if one of your loved ones died? I dont think I would meself. Even though I would be happy to see them back, I would always be wonderin if what I did was sacrilegous. I might also be kinda scared becuz you never know whats happenin with once dead people.
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I didn't like that movie at all. I saw it in the theater when it first came out.

But to answer the question, I wouldn't resurrect any of my relatives. I've not had any close relatives die as of yet. And the relatives I have had die were so very old that they were seemingly wanting death to come.

But if I could pick anyone at all that I've personally known, I'd pick two little friends of my sons. One of these friends died in a car accident a couple of years back. And the other drown in a boating accident with his two brothers and father during a fishing trip. I picked those two because I hated that my sons had to deal with losing friends so early in life and because I really hate to see it when people so young are killed. And it was especially hard knowing the mother of the kids that drowned had to deal with losing her entire family (three kids and husband)in one fell swoop.

And those are just the ones that I knew personally.

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wow, sorry to hear about that, ryan. i hope your sons are ok.
personally, i don't think i could resurrect anyone. i would be too creeped out, and no one extremely close to me has ever died (thank god)

That is sad. A whole family! I dont know if Id still do any resurrectin though -- like Brodie sez, I would be so creeped out. I would ask questions though, What is it like on the other side?

My sons are fine. The incidents I mentioned happened several years ago. Plus, my kids are very religious, so they handle it better than I did (their view being that these kids are in a better place now, etc).

Those are just two incidents that I wish I could go back in time and erase (among many others).

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Pet Cemetery 2 scared the crap out of me. Mainly because of the scene of the sister on the bed. Horrible.

But I'd never use one. It would just be weird. But it arises another question. Would you ever use one of those repet things like in the 6th Day? Would you have a family member cloned?? If I had to make the choice I'd go with cloning over resurection.
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The fact that that movie was so creepy in the first place doesn't really give you a happy feeling on bringing back someone. That cat would of been enough of an answer to not bury anyone else in an INDIAN BURIAL GROUND. I mean think of it, Indians are known for being in touch with Mother Nature, they are on a completley different level than any normal person. You kinda don't wanna mess with(and I hope I don't offend anyone) an Indian anything, especially, burial ground. Anyways, I hope I didn't give away things to this movie for those that haven't seen it.

I can't say that even if you knew it was ok it was a clean ground to bring them back, I still wouldn't do it. Cause if you're a religous person you should know that if the person is gone, they are probably in Heaven, if they are a believer in the Lord our Father. So, they are in a better place no matter what the circumstance(unless they went to Hell). Regardless, any person that dies was because they met their calling. Kinda like on Final Destination, everyone has a date. You might die reading this very post, you never know. The point is, if you die, your dead, no second chance at a life you lived already. You're in Heaven or Hell, and you can't go back.

Ok, I'm gonna stop babbling now, but this is one of those two sided threads, and there is never gonna be a level ground on the subject.

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