Which TV series' do you own on DVD?


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I have:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volumes 1, 2, and 3
Every Seinfeld episode on DVD (though I will not say how I got these)
Seasons's 1 and 4 of The Simpson's
Season 2 of King of the Hill.
Garfield and Friends Volume 1

I think that's all I have...

Originally Posted by Holden Pike
Have you even SEEN Fire, Walk with Me? If you think there's a heck of a lot of plot resolution going on there, you have been sadly misinformed.

And if you don't know who it was that physically killed Laura Palmer by the end of the first season, you haven't been paying attention. The "why" is more difficult to say (though not much easier after season two and/or the movie either), but the "who" should be clear.
I have been told the movie reveals everything, so I have never watched it... As for figuring out who killed Laura Palmer after the first season, I guess I'm just a moron I haven't watched it in a couple of years though so perhaps I'll have a mini-marathon this week and see if it's a bit more obvious the 2nd time around.
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I own Family Guy all 3 seasons, and some older TV cartoons.
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I own:

Family Guy- The Complete Series
The Simpsons- Season 1
South Park- Season 1 and 2
Spiderman 67' Collection
Futurama- Seasons 1 and 3
Dawson's Creek- Season 1 (Hey Hey Shut Up You!)
Pee Wee's Playhouse- Seasons 1-5
Viva La Bam- Season 1
Home Movies- Season 1

and I think thats is. Pretty sure.. Oh well if I have more i'll come back and edit.
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A Mighty Heart 7/10

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sopranos season 1-4(dvd)
friends season1-8(dvd)
sanford and son seaon1-5(dvd)
all in the family seaon 1-3(dvd)
in living color seaon 1-2(dvd)
dave chappelle show season 1(dvd)

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Will & Grace - season 1
Buffy - season 1
Angel - season 1

Back when it was on TV, I taped every episode of Twin Peaks. I know that doesn't count, but at least I can watch the whole thing.
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The Simpsons - seasons 2-5
Seinfeld - seasons 1-3
The Awful Truth - the entire series
Little House on the Praire - season 3
The Ali G Show - the entire series

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Charlie's Angels: Season 1 & 2.
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What I Own:
24 - seasons 1 & 3
Buffy - seasons 1-7
Angel - 1-4
Sledge Hammer 1st season
V- the complete series
Dark Angel - Season 1
X-Files - 1-3
Millennium - 1-2

What I Liked:

Where Are They?
Vengeance Unlimited
Moonlighting - ONLY seasons 1-3
Night Court ALL seasons

What I Covet:
24 (all seasons)
Millennium allseasons

Sex & the City

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Originally Posted by Holden Pike
Not yet available that I'm dying for...
I'm dying for this too, and it's been announced today that Season One of Scrubs will be released on May 17. You can Pre-Order the set now on Amazon. I can't wait!

Monty Python's Flying Circus
The Sopranos
The Shield
Son Of The Beach
South Park
Chappelle's Show
Family Guy
In Living Color
Man Show
Married... with Children
Saturday Night Live (some Best Of...)
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Originally Posted by The_Elephant_Man
How did you get the 4th season of seinfeld, I though it was only 1-3

Yeah, I thought so too! Where is this volume 4 being sold. Even volume 5 as well since Zzat has 1-5.

Originally Posted by jrs
Even volume 5 as well since Zzat has 1-5.
I don't have volumes 3-5, i just have the first two.