Chaos (2001)

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Ya'll 'member Miriam, right? Well, she just wrote another review for us (she's got a few on here since before many of you were born, my children)...of a French film called Chaos. Appréciez.

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aww, so sweet chwissywissy, to announce me! hehehe.
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Great review… my "too see" list just got longer….
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Heard the other 'Chaos'? Its a Hideo Nakata film which is released in UK this week, got a bit mixed up.....

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Thanks Caitlyn, hope you enjoy!

Pyro - hehe, yeah, in my review I included (French) in the title but mr. chris left it out (boo!). sorry about that ...

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what do you mean is it being remade? the french version? i hope not, i think if anyone remade it they'd butcher it ...

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Great review. I've just added it to my queue at Netflix. Thanks Thmilin.
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yay, glad to get peeps interested in seeing it.

re: the remake, i'm amused it's going to appear less than a decade after the original (geez movies recycle way too much) but the imdb link shows meryl streep (likely for the wife's role) so perhaps there's hope ...