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Television can be so darn interesting once you get around to watching it.

I was actually wondering how many other people caught tonight's series premiere of Desperate Housewives. The promotionals made it look presentable and even a bit funny, but sort of like it would either be absolutely pathetic or a tasteless comedy. It ended up being neither of those things.

It's narrated by a wife of Wisteria Lane who starts the show off by commiting suicide, and then goes on to describe the other 'desperate' housewives of the neighborhood. With characters that aren't too cliched and perfectly executed with dark wit and humor, the story is intriguing and the script very well written. The narration reminds me of a book sometimes, but it works for the show. Lines like "My son woke up three nigths after my funeral to a was a familar sound that he had heard once before when he was a very small boy, it was the sound of a family secret." Not exactly something you hear in tv shows, but it works. So those are my thoughts, what does anybody else whose seen it think?
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I tought the pilot was pretty good. Better than most of the crap on network TV, certainly...but that ain't saying much. It wasn't great. It has some potential, so I'll watch a few episodes, see if they do anything with it. I'd grade the first episode a B-.
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I'm shocked for two reasons. First, Holden watches Television. Second, Holden watched the pilot of Desperate Housewives....
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I am madly in love with Felicity Huffman. Ever since she started showing up in Mamet's stuff. Long before "Sports Night" (where she was absolutey perfect). She was great as the suburban housewife hooker who killed a cop on her guest spot on "Law & Order". Showtime's "Out of Order" - wow. She's just wonderful. And easy on the eyes too. That William H. Macy is one lucky monkey. If you've never seen the black comedy murder thing they did together for TNT, "A Slight Case of Murder", track it down ASAP.

So, to support her (and Brenda Strong from "Sports Night" too), and because it looked like the show might be dark and fun, I watched "Desperate Housewives". It wasn't nearly dark or fun enough for me, but like I said, I'll give it a shot, see where it goes.

And of course I watch TV.

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It just seems weird to me. Holden, you aren't a person. You are an entity. You are movie knowledge. You're like the HAL9000 of MoFo. HAL doesn't watch TV for entertainment.

Jokes aside, I'm glad to find another lover of Sports Night, possibly my favorite sitcom (save for the obvious Seinfeld) of all time. Oh Aaron Sorkin, your signature moments are so smile inducing!

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Holden, you're one of three (4 counting OG) people I've heard talk about Sports Night. It's on my list soon, based on that, though.

I'm glad to hear Desperate Housewives isn't as bad as it sounded/looked...
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"Desperate Housewives" wants to be The Stepford Wives by way of Anne Tyler. I was hoping they'd go a bit darker and more caustic. But the pilot was solid if unspectacular, so we'll see. I'll watch Felicty in anything. Good cast. I'm no fan of "Lois & Clark", but Teri Hatcher seems OK for her role.

As for "Sports Night", it is such a brilliant show. Sadly too-short-lived, but available on DVD. Even if you know nothing about or hate sports, you'll love the show. The dialogue is outta His Girl Friday updated for today, with great characters and actors all around. Great, great stuff. You'll wish that you worked in such a place., with those kinds of uber-smart, uber-wonderful people.

Oh, and it made me fall in love with Teri Polo too. Her work as Rebecca, the object of Dan's affection...priceless.

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Yeah the entire series (all mammoth two seasons of it) is available on DVD and well worth the purchase. I throw it in every couple months and just start rewatching it from the begining. Has my favorite ending to a sitcom ever.

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i was addicted to desperate housewives since the pilot. Bree is my favourite, not too sure why but i just think she's the most interesting character and seems like she really belongs in wisteria lane.

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Is there a new one on this Sunday?

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I live in Australia and this show is broadcasted on 7. I have an unbelievable prejudice for anything thast comes on 7 because they usually only show crappy reality tv shows. So when i saw the ad for this i just ignored it. But i watched a little bit the other day and it wasnt to bad. the plot is quite interesting. I dont know about it being fantastic but its pretty darn good for such a **** channel as 7, Aussies you know what im talkin about...

The only thing that bugs me about D/H is the voice over my the dead wife, especially her little summary at the end. Sometimes it's spot on, other times it's patronising as hell.

Oh man, I'm halfway through disc 3 of the third season (I don't really watch actual TV TV, so I usually wait for dvds, and go on a binge.) and it's so wonderful! Kyle MacLachlan makes such a great addition to the cast! And knowing his previous career, his presence adds such a creepy, David Lynch vibe to the mood of the show. Ok, I'm done now.
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dude, nathan fillion is gonna join the cast! i stopped watching the show (the only reason to watch it for me is brie and even that got tired), but now i'll pick up again just to see him.
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