The Princess and the Warrior

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I saw this yesterday...It's one of the best movies of the year. See this movie! Its better than nearly everything this year, except maybe A.I. It's wonderful. I can't find anything wrong with it...It's spectacular.
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[email protected], i only just now saw this but SHEEEZ was it good!

twists, turns, love, drama, i was quite happy by the end. some parts upset me and then the film made up for it, so all is well with the world.

the only thing was the heroine - she was sometimes WAY too ambiguous for me - couldn't read her a LOT of the time and you know, the warrior was fairly straightforward but, her, she left me as confused as she left him, sometimes. or maybe that's what the director WANTED to do to me. hmm ...

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I felt it was superior to Run Lola Run.

I preferred the slower pace, and strong character development.
Franke Potente was also brilliant.

The scene in which Sissy is beneath the truck also goes down as one of my favourite scenes of the year. It was so brilliantly constructed.
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An incredible experience delivered by German filmmaker Tom Twyker (Run Lola Run/ Wintersleepers) and arguably his finest work to date.

An epic vision of love, loss and redemption is delivered through picturesque cinematography that reallt took me into another world. Great camera work puts you right where the director wants so the scenes have maximum impact.

The script is poetic and unpredicatble. The whole film is fresh and original, crossing genres with ease to deliver a story that is layered, real and memorable.

All the cast excel in their roles and bring depth to the charecters they are playing. Franke Potenete as usual looks and acts wonderfully.

A touching, sometimes violent ride of a film that puts the viewer through a multitude of emotions and delivers solid entertainment worth repeat viewings.
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This is a wonderful film indeed. It's been a while since Kong has watched it, but there are still quite a few scenes (particularly the more disturbing ones) that are very vivid in Kong's mind. Truly an emotionally involving, and terrific film. Franka Potente is great, and Twyker's direcion assured.
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I thought it would be nice to bump this thread back up. I saw this a week or two ago and absolutely loved it.

As Deckard pointed out....the cast is wonderful. They all had a great chemistry too. It was the first time I'd seen Franke Potenete in a movie....she's great. I also looooved Benno Fürmann as Bodo....he says alot with those intense eyes.

Anyway...if you haven't seen it this one if you can!