Beauty and the Beast


YES!!!!!!!! I love that movie!!!!

That's the best Disney animated movie of all time, and I stand by that with my life.
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I like Hercules more. Hades so clever & the eyeball scene with the 3 Fates was hysteerical. Never saw Pigsnie laugh so hard. he thought it is the wittiest Disney ever.

ps. Best Beauty & the B scene: the Gaston drinkin song
God save Freddie Mercury!

I too would like to give props to Beauty and the Beast at this time.

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nah, it's all about The Little Mermaid. I know most of the songs in there by heart .... heheh. And I'm actually PROUD of that ...

I do have to admit, The Little Mermaid is impressive. It's an original story, isn't it? I'd say that's the most impressive part. Disney will stick around for a very long time if they can crank out more quality original storylines like that, because I think they're running out of fairy tales.

My dad loves "Under the Sea" anyway. Great song. Beauty and the Beast was quite good, though. I think both should have been nominated for Best Picture (unless there were simply too many other nominees in the case of "Mermaid"). It seems like an animated movie has to been absolutely amazing to be nominated these days. I think "The Lion King" is nomination-worthy as well.

I agree that both Mermaid and Beauty should have been more revered by the academy but not the Lion King.

I give praise to all three. TLK was good, and so was Mermaid. But I guess my fave would have to go to BatB. I would definetely pay to see the movie in Imax.

P.S. Yeah, the Gaston song was a riot!
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