The Strange Case of Senor Computer

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The Strange Case of Senor Computer

Have you heard of this movie? Or even better, have you seen this movie? It's genius. Pure and simple. Some computer is created, goes around learning and observing (mainly from his "Father" and the mexican cleaning lady), has a phone sex relationship with some lady who the computer makes worship her dishwasher. This movie is pure entertainment.

I wont ruin the ending, but I will say it's good.

Oh yeah, the computer makes his phone-sex-lady-fan touch her bathing suit area while watching the robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still. This movie is fierce.

Some of the acting could have been a little better, but the fact that the director could use a computer voice throughout the entire film without it getting annoying is awesome-rad. It's black and white too.

Entertainment Value: 4 | 5
Technical Value: 2 | 5

Oh man, GET A LOAD OF THIS GUY! I am SO gonna see this movie now. THANKS PIMP!
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Yeah, TRUE DAT' HOME-SLICE! I'm bout' ta' cop' me some'a dat' real gangsta' senor sh*t too. PEACE!
I'm cool.

This is a little somethin' from the production diary of Tom Sawyer, the director of The Strange Case of Senor Computer. I think it's funny.


Day one. As we unpacked at the location the Austrian make-up woman goes schizo and begins castrating me in front of my cast and crew that I didn't know what I was doing because she had to wait an hour for her croissant and orange juice. They do everything on schedule in Europe apparently. Her words still ring in my ears "We don't have to wait for our croissants in Austria!""

I'm tired of working with annoying ********, I want to work with the professional asses like that lady.

Oh yeah, why hasn't anyone seen this movie yet? It's da' bomb.

I've looked all over the place for a trailer...but to no avail.
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