What's currently the most prized item in your DVD collection and why?


my would be my extended edetion of all 3 LOTR box sets there all joined and limited edition
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My copy of Once Upon A Time In The West, because I love Spaghetti Westerns and the DVD package is so well put together, it fits in nicely next to my other Westerns.

Also my Discontinued edition of Fight Club or my Discontinued edition of Reservoir Dogs.
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Red River and Taxi Driver because they're my two favorite movies.

But I know, I know you wanted it based on features/look/menu's ect,

Hmm probably Criterion edition of Straw Dogs, which is out of print now. It has a great commentary which takes one point of view on the film and runs with it. I also believe its what Peckinpah had in mind to when he made the film, message wise. Goes against what Pauleine Kael said in her imfamous review. Speaking of Kael there's a lot of stuff about how Peckinpah fired back at her including text of a couple of letters. Also there's a couple of 20 minute or so interviews with Susan George and Dustin Hoffman. Susan George was told she got the role in a very interesting method.

But the highlight of the disc besides the movie and the excellent transfer is the documentary Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron. It has interviews with actors who worked with him and focuses a lot on his rebelous side or the side that earned him the nickname "Bloody Sam"

Great movie and a great DVD and since it's out of print, I hate to part ways with it. Also it's the only movie I paid the full Criterion price of $40 for. I saw it was going out of print and that they were going to release another edition of the film which was more bare bones in features, ect. (the one that is out today) so I had to grab it.
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My Kill Bill DVDs, no one shall touch them! No one!

You can have your Kill Bill DVD's, I'm sure no one will want them, lol, im jokin, i would say the most valued DVD in my collection will probably be Futurama Seasons 1-4.

I think I cherish all of my dvd's because I'm not one for picking favorites but if I had to, It's would be a three way tie.

1. My Tim Burton Collection
2. The Ed Wood Box Set
3. The Extended Editions of Lord Of The Rings (With The Figurines)
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I wouldn't really say that LOTR comes with figurines, I would say they are statues.
However.......can't wait for ROTK to come out on DVD.

Well I don't have any DVDs thanks to some thiefs at my apartment complex, but I recently bought Ed Wood on VHS for a 1.99. Considering that is the only thing in my movie collection period, it is my most prized.

My roomated bought a used Van Wilder DVD but it is not mine and nor do I want to claim it as my most prized (even though it does shell out a few good laughs).

In my stolen collection though I might go with What's Eating Gilbert Grape or The Back to the Future Trilogy, dang that was some good stuff.
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but will you ever recover from the loss of all your DVD's, i all my DVD's were stolen, I would just give up and cry. lol

I cried for about four hours. I cried for the loss of my treasures, it took me a good while to hunt down some of those DVDs. I also cried for the loss of my PS2 which was used as my DVD player. Being a poor college student I haven't the money to buy any DVDs yet or start replacing them, heres to hoping for a good christmas!!! haha

heres to hoping for a good christmas!!! haha
yes, we all have christmasses as well

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A few items in my collection fit the bill:

The top item is still-

Unbreakable, with it's slick case design, Alex Ross sketches of Mr. Glass and Sentryman, all wrapped around an incredible film...

Some others:

The LotR Extended Editions - These things are ridiculous, with enough content to keep even the most die-hard fan busy for quite some time...

Pulp Fiction (Collector's Edition) - Another top notch case wrapped around stellar content...

Lawrence of Arabia
- The suber-bit, color corrected version of this seminal film is clearly, something to write home about.

Honorable mention:

Blade Runner - I have to mention it because it is THE BEST MOVIE EVER!! The DVD is so-so, and I would LOVE to see a special edition hit the streets.
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come to think of it, my indiana jones trilogy is one of my precious DVD's

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I agree with Sedai on Unbreakable, it's a great collector's item.

I'd have to say that since being over in Japan, I'm afraid to buy any DVD set of value, because I'm not able to guarentee that it would make it back to the states in one piece.

A couple I have back home are:

Fight Club - Soap box

Se7en - Limited box

E.T. - Limited Release

These are all simply because you can't find them like this anymore. While they were on shelves for quite some time, the simple fact that you'll have to dig hard to find them now, is a good enough reason to cherish them.
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My MST3K dvd's..... quite expensive, nobody borrows them, nobody fiddles with them, in fact, don't even look at them!!!!!!

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I have alot of prized possessions, LOTR Extended Editions, Buffy season 1 -7, Angel Season 1 -4, Smallville Season 1-3, X Files season 1-4, Firefly, Indiana jones Boxset, Alien Quadrilogy and my Terminator 2 black tin case, special edition
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Originally Posted by Garrett
Is there really a difference?

As for me:

Not much for special features but nothing beats having the entire collection at my fingertips.
Damn, that's not available yet in Australia or that would be mine!!!!

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Originally Posted by The Sarge
My MST3K dvd's..... quite expensive, nobody borrows them, nobody fiddles with them, in fact, don't even look at them!!!!!!
Here here!! I'm ordering mine off Amazon cause they don't sell them in Australia and I refuse to loan them out, even though I want people to watch them! Girl in Golden Boots still a mega stand out!

Alien Quadrilogy still a big standout for quality of making of's, interviews etc. 40 Hours of special features plus BOTH versions of the movies is pretty bloody good. Also I work at Fox so get paid for saying all that!!!