What's currently the most prized item in your DVD collection and why?


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For me right now the prize goes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer season's 1-7. This show has changed my life and has made me feel things that I haven't felt for such a long time. The waves of emotion's that I get while watching an episode is the best gift for me right now! I'm just blown away by this show and so happy that my boyfriend has turned me on to this show!!!!!!!!!

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Probably my two Manson documentaries that were made for me by the film maker.
I had to re-read that, because the first time I thought that you'd been sent the DVDs by old Charlie himself...

When this thread popped up in the 'following' bit in my profile I wondered what DVD I had originally picked to warrant inclusion and was a bit disappointed to find that my only contributions were some anal wittering about Withnail & I.

Recently, I'm proud of my Naked Criterion Edition:

'Cos it's been so shoddily treated on DVD over here.

And my Deadwood box set, because it's just so lovely to look at, hold and smell:

Couldn't find a decent pic online so this out of focus Tatty original will have to do.
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Harry Potter DVD box set (1-5)
I solemnly swear that I am up to no GOOD.

Xena season one for having 6 discs in one normal case

All my out of print Criterion: Flesh For Frankenstein, Blood For Dracula, Hard Boiled, Silence Of The Lambs, The Grand Illusion, Robocop.

My Children Of Paradise Korean/pseudo-criterion (has all the same features but without the spine number):

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clerks and a nightmare on elm street series...

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Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection, no doubt.

Runners up include The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola Restoration, Blade Runner 4-Disc Edition, and Star Wars Original Trilogy Box Set.
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Currently, my 5-disc edition of Gone With The Wind and Magnolia, because currently, it's out of print in Australia.
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first transformers first movie. if you reserved it, it came in tins. i have both versions. django tin.

my boot leg walk hard the dewy cox story, and my copy of no country for old men.

bram strokers dracula in a thin box 2- disk with a slip cover, i paid 9.99for it, but since i havent seen it for cheaper than 14.99.

elfin lied, it was only 30/35 bucks, but i havent seen it so often over the past few years.

ghostrider, bought it onthe day it droped, and got the bulray cover, even though its not on bluray, and the same for 300.
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Pulp fiction is really nice....

the first iron man, 2-disk slip cover--10.00
forbiden kingdom, 2-disk slip cover--10.00
red dragon/black mask--both hard to find, both under 5 bucks
lord of war--bought it used, but great box 2-disk paid 3 bucks

shnobi, 2- disk...the picture on the disks are afro samori
kingdom of heaven, 2-disk hologra slip cover for 9$
the nightmare before christmas---just so glad i have it 3-disk slip cover

under world, clear cover with kate on a building 2-disk, with a comic book
green hornet, bluray clear 2-disk slip cover--at best buy for 34$--i paid 25
get smart collectors box in shape of phone booth/shoe phone

unbreakable, 2-disk in a nice box--7.50.