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anyone heard or seen the movie Elephant?...i didn't know it existed or heard anything about it until my friend rented it last night and brought it over.
it was really weird and odd and confusing for a while, then you realize what's going on...the ending, stil not really sure what happened.
anything to say about this movie..post it.
...and so the story goes....

I've haven't seen it yet... but there is a review for it in Speedy's Review Thread ...
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thanks. this is like the first good review i've read of this movie.
a lot of them i read was like 'the worst 80 minutes of nonsense'..
i thought the movie was pretty brilliant

I found the movie to be pretty disturbing. I think that's what Gus Van sant intended though. It wasn't suppose to be entertaining or anything, there was a lot of long shots and no music, which added a sense of reality. After I watched it, I couldn't stop thinking about it, I don't intend to ever watch the film angain to be honest. It was a good movie and all, but I just find it really hard to watch when kids are being picked off for no reason whatsoever.
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i think it seemed really realistic, like everything how the classes were, people walking down the halls, the way it was shot like not very many cuts. the more i think about it there's more i like about it. the characters looked real and not made up. they even used their real name.

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Yeah, Van Sant really got his point across that this was a normal day, and this could happen anywhere. When I'm walking down the halls at my school now I always think of Elephant... A brilliant film.
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I watched this movie by myself a couple weeks ago and immediately afterward I have never been so compelled to just be around people. I felt more depressed than I have in recent memory and I didn't know why.

The manner in which the film was shot was fantastic, however I was pretty appauled at the likening to a first person shooter. Simply because A, first person shooter games don't cause these scenarios and B, it was a cop out. It was a shuggishly filmed shot that seemed like it only had one reason to be in there and that was to bear the resemblance to an FPS.

Good work Gus Van Sant ans I hate you at the same time.
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