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Howard The Duck to be re-issued in theaters next year!


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i've heard George Lucas is planning on making his famed flop " Howard The Duck" into a special edition featuring a CGI altered Howard to make him look like a real duck than a Midget in a Duck Puppet Costume, Enhanched special effects, remastered soundtrack and never-before-seen footage.

It's coming to theaters fall 2005 and by then it will be on DVD, fans of the movie and original Marvel Comic will go crazy for it. It's been one of my favorite movies since i was a kid, I thought it was a great movie and didn't deserved all the flack from the critics and movie-going snobs that made it a box-office dud.

You should rent this movie and watch it with the whole family then have fun.

I'm not old, you're just 12.
ah, don't even joke about such a thing! Or if you do, please provide a link where I can find this info!!!!
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Wow, this'll be horrible! I can hardly wait to not see it all over again!

As a fan of the '70s comic books, which were adult and smart and satirical, I plead that this retarded movie rot in Hell forever.
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Isn't this film one of the top ten biggest flops of all time? What's the point in spending more money on it when people hated it the first time?!
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That's astonishing, really.
It does have one of my favorite throwaway moments: in the diner, when Jeffrey Jones says "she took my eggs". That killed me.

The rest of it though...
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if it's true (which it doesn't seem to be at this point) it sounds like something lucas would play with..however...

let me ask you johnlindsey, what is your fascination with howard anyway?

I read not a long time ago, that Lucas planned on doing a Howard the Duck: Special Edition DVD. Fortunately, it never went through.

Since then.....I have heard nothing of a theatrical re-release. {Thank God}

Seeing as how time lines seem to have no impact on the thought processes of Lucas anything's I've pretty much given up hope that he'll stop bringing back anything and everything he had a hand in at one point or other.
Make it happen!

I'm not old, you're just 12.
Damn but howard the duck was a cool movie! I dunno, I just love it because it's so cheesey. I loved Tim Robbins and his over the top camera mugging, I loved Lea Thompson and her sexy big 80's hair, I loved the ridiculous crab/scorpion monster...I even loved the crappy duck suit! I want this on DVD now!