Is Napoleon Dynamite coming out on DVD?


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I simply love this movie. But is it coming out to DVD? Afterall, it is an indie, but still, anyone know if Fox Searchlight is going through with it? Post a link or something so that I know.

dunno but i think i'll rent it, i rent any movie these days

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I simply love this movie. But is it coming out to DVD?
No. Never.

This is part of Fox Searchlight's new Laissez Faire style of film marketing. Why actively try and distribute your product when, you know, it'll like probably work itself out?
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No he's not being serious. Holden was being sarcastic. Of corse they're going to put it out on DVD. They've already marketed the hell out of it; it would be a complete waste for them not to put it out. Holden was being sarcastic.
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Napoleon Dynamite is going to be out some time in October.

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Are you being serious?
Are you?

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