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Alright, I have decided to make my own review thread so here it is. I will start writing my reviews tomorrow for some of the recent films I have watched. Plus other that I think deserve a good review. So stay tuned tomorrow for my first review of "Tim Burton's Big Fish" I will more than likely cover Tim Burton films first being as he is my favorite director out there. So tune in tomorrow for the first installment of the The Elephant Man Review!
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The Reaping 7/10
Transformers 8.5/10
Flight of the Living Dead 6/10
The Invisible 6/10
Return to House on Haunted Hill 1/10
Planet Terror 8/10
A Mighty Heart 7/10

Big Fish

Tim Burton
John August
Based On A Novel By:
Daniel Wallace
Music By:
Danny Elfman
Ewan McGregor- Edward Bloom (Young)
Albert Finney- Edward Bloom (Senior)
Billy Crudup- William Bloom
Jessica Lange- Sandra Bloom (Senior)
Steve Buscemi- Nother Winslow
Danny DeVito- MC Of Circus Amos Callawell
Helena Bohman Carter- Jenny & The Witch
Alison Lohman- Sandra Bloom (Young)
Matthew McGrory- Karl The Giant

The main plot for this film is thus. William Bloom is called to the hometown he grew up in due to his father having cancer. Once Will is there he tries to seek the truth from all the childhood stories his father once told him. Yet his father is quite stubborn on saying what he told him is the truth. So Tim Burton takes us through the stories of Edward Bloom. The stories are fun of fantasy and wonderous things from Witches portraying the death of anyone who looks into her eye. All the way to a peacefull hidden town named "Spectre" hidden just beyond the webs of the jumping spiders.

Edward Bloom is basically your all american dream. He is good and everything he sets out to do. Being a great team member on the local baseball, basketball, and football teams. He helps out the community with his own lawn care group. Most people can recall Edward Bloom as very likeable and very social.

Tim Burton once again takes us on a amazing tale. Some folks have said this isn't one of Tim's greatest accomplishments but still I believe this to be quite well done. With an excellant cast from Ewan McGregor and to Jessica Lange. Aside from the main plot characters he through in some other greats like Danny DeVito, and Steve Buscemi playing the great poet Norther Winslow. I still laugh out loud when I see his poem he has been working on for 13 years. "The Grass Is Green, The Sky Is Blue, Spectre Is Great." I also loved the way how everything related to another story in the end which was really well done. He did a bang up job casting the Young and Seniors of this story with Albert Finney and Ewan playing Edward and Jessica and Alison playing Sandra Bloom. The music for this film was also great of course it was done by Danny Elfman which has been with Tim on almost all his project except for "Ed Wood." For anyone who did enjoy this film I do recommend going out to either your local library or book store and picking up a cpy of Daniel Wallace's Big Fish. Its a really good read. Overall I really enjoyed this film. It through in all sorts of genre likes comedy, fantasy, and romance. I recommend this to any Tim Burton fan out there.


And this is my BOOMstick!
so... why is it called big fish

Well, Accorinding to one of Edward Bloom's stories there was a big fish in this stream which he caught by putting a gold ring on a fishing line (a strong fishing line). Or towards the end Edward himself was called "Just one big fish" by his son William

you doing alot of Burton Reviews arent ya, i love Burton's Films hes my favorite director keep'em coming

i did one on Ed Wood Here

Yep First im doing Tim Burton's Films so stay tuned after Edward scissorhands im doing an Ed Wood one as well.

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton
Caroline Thompson
Story By:
Caroline Thompson & Tim Burton
Danny Elfman
Johnny Depp- Edward
Winona Ryder- Kim Boggs
Dianne West- Peg Boggs
Anthony Michael Hall- Jim Boggs
Vincent Price- The Inventor

The whole story begins with Kim Boggs as an elderly lady tucking her grandchild into bed, When the grandchild asks how does it snow (or something like that) Kim goes into the story of her youth. About a man who lived way up on the mountain and had scissors for hands. After that it begins the main story of Edward. All alone up in a mansion that was once owned by an Inventor Edward lives all alone, Until a curious avon lady walks into his life. Finding place in her heart Peg Boggs takes in Edward. She brings him down the mountain into their quite little suburban house in a community where everyone basically knows everyone. Where all the men go to work at the same time and come home at the same time too. Once Edward get there he see's a picture of Peg's daughter, Kim Boggs. It is love at first sight. After some time passes Edward becomes one of the community and finds talents he has.

Being a Tim Burton film he amazes the fans with stunning gothic sculptures and a very dark feel to it. To me this is my favorite Tim Burton film just because in parts I can relate to the story and it just makes a bad day good once watching it. Things I love about this film at the great flashbacks Edward has when licing with the Boggs. Vincent Price sure perfected the part of the Inventor and was well cast for the role. I thought the music fitted the scenes and the whole movie briliantly but I love all Danny Elfman's work. Also I thought it was a very powerful role played by Johnny Depp, I don't think anyone else could have perfected it the way Johnny did. The face expressions that Johnny showed were priceless too. Like the time he was being treated with the avon makeup, When Peg added in the "Touch" of lavender. I also though one of the best lines in the whole movie was when Kim was talking to Edward and she says "Hold Me" which is replyed with "I Can't" from Edward. Overall I found this film to be amazingly well done with beautifull background and the finishing touches were the awsome soundtrack and the great cinematography. I reccomend this film to anyone and everyone out there.


it was pretty good but i dont think a 10/10 maybe 7.5/10

Well Zzat thats your opinion but for me, Being able to relate to the story and how great everything came across in it, and being my favorite Tim Burton film. I think it deserves a 10.

I was wondering if someone could possibly make this Sticky cause im going to be update every few days.. Like in three four days im doing Ed Wood. Just because i rented two today which I wanna see but dont wanna write reviews for them at the moment.

i know it was my opinion thats why i put i think

Thanks for the reviews Elephant person, keep them coming.
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Hey People!

Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I would like but I rented 6 films a few days back. I got one more to see and then I will get back on the track better than ever with "Tim Burton's Ed Wood" which will be the next one on the list.

Oh if ya wondering the ones I rented were as such. Highway, War of The Worlds, Equilibrium, Unbreakable, The Crazies, and Citizen Kane.

I was wondering, do you plan on reviewing Gus Van Sant's Elephant? You once said that it's one of your favorite films of all time. I liked the film, but I don't know why. I'm curious as to what you think makes it good.

Nice reviews, keep 'um coming.
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Okay since im too busy always renting films I dont have time really to see the Tim Burton ones at the moment like I was going to do.. So thinking of what I could do in the end I have come across a brilliant idea.. The Request Review. You come here telling me a movie and I will go out rent it and write a review here for it. But the only problem is if you mention a film I cant find. I got two video stores in town. A Small one with like nothing, and Blockbuster. So try and mention a film that will be there!

Originally Posted by Parky
I was wondering, do you plan on reviewing Gus Van Sant's Elephant? You once said that it's one of your favorite films of all time. I liked the film, but I don't know why. I'm curious as to what you think makes it good.

Okay definatly.. And that makes it easier seeing as how I own it so i saves me some money!