25th Hour - Strange Spike turf, but a winner

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25th Hour was sure to get lost amongst the Hollywood crap in 2002 (and it did). But those wanting to take a break from alot of garbage still being shown in theatres, 25th Hour is a rental that you might normally overlook, but doing so would be to miss out on a perfect display of life in the wake of 9/11: A twon lost in confusion, with citizens bearing the same dismay. A city trying to find some kind of clarity and closure amidts the ruin.

Edward Norton (is this guy ever bad?) plays Monty, a petty drug dealer. Monty is on his way to the big house for 7 years after finally being nailed by the DEA. So for his last day as a free man, he spends quality with family and friends. And it's the little things like this that give this stunner of a movie a heartbeat. Whether Monty's pondering the thought that his girl (Rosario Dwason) ratted him out, or whether he's finding a good home for his dog, you feel a knot in your stomach; a pitty for this guy and the way his life turned out.

Sometimes this movie can throw in more sub-plots and ideas then it needs (Phillip Seymour Hoffmans' lust for a teenage girl is pure movie filler), but it doesn't distract from the movie's heartbreaking premisce.
Long and sometimes longwinded, 25th Hour may lull you to sleep but then wake you up with deliciously interesting dialogue and scenes, such as Monty's love/hate slam on every major race, religion, and ethnicity in the city (He even slams Jesus Christ), or when his father pictures a life for Monty outside of prison (If you don't choke back tears on this scene, then you must be a zombie).

Argues aside, 25th Hour is a film that will reward people willing to take the ride. And if your a Norton fan, then what the **** are you waiting for?

Stellar gives it 3 (out of 4) stars
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Nice review, Stellar. I love 25th Hour myself.

I have to disagree with you about Hoffman's desires for that teen though. I think the telling of that part of the story is relevant when depicting the three friends in the story and their different kinds of relationship to women. It's three different types of characters, something that is displayed all through the film even if the Norton character is the main one, and the Hoffman character's desire for teenage lust is an important part in this depiction.
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Another Stellar write up. I also love this film, one of nortons best.
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