The Motorcycle Diaries


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Has anybody seen, or heard anything about Motorcycle Diaries? It a movie about Che Guevara before he became an international icon. I have a lot of intrest in this movie, and I'm really interested to hear if anybody has anything to say about it.
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heard it was pretty good didnt bother to look into it. I might now cause someone bought it up.

It was pleasent, maybe a little too long, maybe thats because the cinema I was sitting in had broken air conditioning.

Its one of those films that doesnt do anything to great levels, no extreme drama or tension or humor, but moderate dosages of both. Couple that with some scenic views and silent thought time. And perhaps a little amazement of the eccentricity and impossibility of there aim to set off around the whole of south america on an overpacked joke of a motorcycle. There was a good lovable rogue impression you get from the pair.

I walked in not knowing anything about Che, thats right nothing. And walked out probably with little more. I more just enjoyed them for the charectors they were in the film. Cinema should always be taken as fiction, with all its methods of influencing the thoughts of the viewer.
It should never been undervalued though

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to check it I soon as a get some free time on my hands.

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I've heard good things about it. I know it stars Gabriel Garcia Bernal as Che Guevara, which is a plus in my book. I'm looking forward to this one.
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