Evil Dead 4


There are a few scripts for a fourth installment of the EVIL DEAD series floating around on the internet. Do you think there should be another film?

Ain't gonna happen. Bruce Campbell has already said it. We've had loads of discussions about another Evil Dead, but Raimi's gonna be too busy with the Spider-Man sequels.
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Originally Posted by Parky
...Ain't gonna happen. Bruce Campbell has already said it. ...Raimi's gonna be too busy with the Spider-Man sequels.

Exactly....and once the Spidey films are finished it will still be a no.

Never gonna happen. Besides Bruce Campbell being too old, three is enough. Lets keep it as a trilogy and not some regurgitating franchise.
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i'd love to see a huge screw up in the franchise, as there must be for any good horror series


A great Evil Dead 4 story could continue from the
"I slept too long!!"
ending of Army of Darkness.
And would be a lot like 28 Days Later, he wanders around the ruins for a while until he finds some deadites to blow away and then discovers the last few human survivors.
The back story to how all the deadites dominated the Earth could be like the one on A Fistfull of Boomstick:
Some idiot plays the recording of the translation of the Book of the Dead on international TV... or something like that.

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That ending sucked. I liked the theatrical (is that how you spell it?) version better. But nah, even me being a hardcore Evil Dead fan, I'd have to say just let it be. Another sequel could have a high chance of ruining the series.

OK, so if you don't like the "i slept too long ending":

JRS i'm using your ending

Have the wise man telling Ash that he needs to take six drops off the liquid. Have him enter the cave, blow the entrance, get the drops wrong, then fall asleep. The S-Mart ending would now occur and after the "Hail to the King" he would awake from his sluber to realise... well you know.

There we go a compramise.

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Nitzer, you should come out of your little shell and stop hiding your emotions all the time.

Im a little confused as to why Raimi has returned to the Evil Dead franchise, i was sure i condemned making more ED films.
Oh well. w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t