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The writers of Back To The Future had a great idea of dropping clues in one film, and following through on a later one. Did anyone else notice that in Back To The Future 2, When Biff was in the spa he was watching a movie where clint eastwood hid a brazier under his poncho, to shield himself when he was shot - a trick that Marty McFly was to copy in Back to the future 3.

They didn't go as far with this as they could have.... Imagine how cool it would have been, if in Back to the future 1, we caught a glimpse of someone wearing a black coat and dark glasses, fooling around on the rafters as Marty McFly pounded out Johnny B Goode? A dark figure that was later destined to be Marty McFly on another adventure, as that scene overlapped in the two movies... or possibly we could have seen in one of the earlier movies, Doc idly talking to a stranger, that we see later on is Doc talking to his past self. If the series had been pre-planned as a whole, they could have done some really cool stuff with this.
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yeah im pretty sure the thing with the bulletproof piece of metal was setup. they could only do that with the second and third movies because those were both made at the same time with the first one made a few years earlier.

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Suprisingly 2 was made 5 years after the first, until i had seen the dvd i had no clue. The idea for the guy in black couldn't have worked becasue the original story apparently was nothing like the one they ended up filming for part 2... had something to do with going to the 70s i think. It was Crispin Glovers reluctance to come back that made them change the story to what we see in the film... amazing i couldn't imagine it any other way.
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My favourite little touch is in BTTF at the start where George tells Marty that hes not too good with confrontations before clenching the fist he hits Biff with later in the film.
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But after the first one in (1985) I don't think they really knew they were making a 2nd and 3rd so the storyline wasn't exactly laid out from the start. They were able to do that with the last two because they were actually made in the same year and I believe also came out within a year. Kind of like the last two matrix movies.

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There's also the part (although some may dispute it, it isn't a 100% clear that this is true) in Part 1 when Doc is wiring up the lightening catcher thing for the trip back to the future (you know, in part 2 when Doc is talking to himself, hands him the wrench in the street, etc).

In the background you can see a man in a hat riding a bike... which looks a lot similar to Doc in part 2 riding his bike wearing his hat to the scene where he meets himself.

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Yea that would have totally been great for the first Back to the Future to have had Marty and Doc in the background of those scenes where they come back in the second one but like another they didn't really think they were going to make a sequel. Actually the ending about Marties kids was supposed to be a joke. See they didn't expect Back to the Future to be that big of a hit so they didn't really think ahead to add Marty and Doc from the future in. Tell you this though. Did you know that the original back to the future didn't have a DeLoreon as the time machine. Actually they were planning on using a refrigerator as the time machine but then later decided not to on the account of the fear of kids locking themselves into thier own refrigerators. Wow I could just imagine how bad back to the future would have been if they would have kept the time machine refrigerators.