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Portman Agrees To 'Leon' Sequel

Natalie Portman
"Movie beauty Natalie Portman is keen to reprise her debut film role in a sequel to cult favorite Leon. The actress, 22, first came to international recognition in her acclaimed performance as an assassin's 11-year-old pal in the 1994 film, which starred Jean Reno in the lead role. And now Natalie has confirmed the long-awaited sequel is ready to roll, and she can't wait to be involved - despite needing a break following years working on the Star Wars trilogy. She says, "The script's really great, and worth delaying a vacation for."

That was in the IMDb news about six months ago. Has anyone heard anything about it since then? I certainly haven't. I just happened to notice this blurb tonight.
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wow there making the professional sequel thats pretty cool. i Enjoyed the first one.
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Thanks Slay… I haven’t heard a thing about this… but if they do make it, it will be strange without Léon…
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Well u cant really help that, considering Leon is dead.

Sounds interesting. Not sure whether I should be happy or dissappointed.

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Yes, it does seem like a hard movie to sequel... but I'm thrilled that one is comming. Perhaps, it will have something to do with "the money" that has accumilated during leon's job
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yeah i heard this rumor a few months ago circling the web... would certainly be interesting i think... gets my vote of confidence if it goes ahead!
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I'm not sure what to think of this. The first one is one of my favorite films of all time.

The relationship that grows between Mathilda and Leon is one of the most pure and beautiful relationships ever captured on film. Tremendous performances by Gary Oldman and Danny Aiello make this one of the best films of 94.

I'm not sure they should really mess with it. Sequels that have that much time between them tend to lose a lot. Not to mention the pure innocence of Portman in the original is certainly gone.

I will however be eagerly awaiting some news.
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