Bjork in Dancer in the Dark


Why the hell wasn't Bjork nominated for best actress? And WHY did Julia Roberts win? Burstyn was waaaaaaay better. I think it's just cuz she was nominated a million times and never won...>:[
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dont know about Bjork but i just thought i'd take this opportunity to say Julia Roberts mouth is too big.

I'd have given it to either Burstyn or Bjork in a second. Those are two for the time capsule.
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Oh, so if it's looks we go by, why didn't Matt Damon win Best Actor over Jack Nicholson? No one can tell me that old fart looks good NOW. And what about Joseph Fiennes? Let's give the BArd the Oscar b/c he was the best-looking lead guy in a film in '98. Oh, and take away ALL of Tom Hanks' awards - h*ll, he doesn't even DESERVE to be nominated! Geezus. Let's give the nod to Josh Hartnett as DAnny Walker and the big shebang to...hmm, so few good men to choose from...

Bjork was spectacular in DANCER IN THE DARK. Her music was fantastic, and she really gave it her all with the video. And that's good, since she says she won't ever do it again. Ellen Burstyn was even better. Julia Roberts...she's charming and I'm sure she's an incredible person in real life. But, she does the same part over and over, with maybe a little more lip and cleavage every once and a while.

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I think Roberts is a good actress, but don't push it. You don't want your face seen too many times or the same storyline seen too many times or people will get sick of you real quick. She was good in her first few roles, and every now and then she hits a good one, but it's pushin it to say that every movie she's in is the best. I mean could've been worse. She could of ended up like her brother doing cheezy movies that only idiots want to watch.
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Dillane oh no, don't get me wrong. roberts is a wonderful actress. she is cute yes. whats wrong w/that? has nothing to do with my feelings of her as an actress. as for the last part i was being sarcastic. geesh....don't take things so personal.

I think Julia Roberts is a purty lady. So is Bjork. Actually, Bjork's more like a teddy bear, you just want to hug her, lol. But acting-wise? I'll take Ellen.

I'd have given it to Matty boy over Jack nicholson. But that year, I would give it to Robert Duvall for the Apostle.

Oh my God, Steve - only YOU would think that Bjork is in any way pretty. Julia Roberts is ten times prettier (and saner...). And Duvall was really good, but I was just saying that he doesn't get one b/c he's not pretty enough. Matt was prolly the most qualified for Oscar-winner/magazine cover boy. Though, Matt did do a good job in HUNTING.

I wasn't taking anything personally, jrs. I was just exploiting the amusing hole in your little post.

Bjork, pretty, I dunno. Shes not pretty, she's just like a little girl. Her music is wonderful, too. And anyone who would wear that swan dress she wore at the Oscars gets respect from me.

Shuddap, Bjork is so cute. And you probably don't like her because she is original, unlike Julia Roberts. Sure, her music can get a bit annoying, but you still have to respect her. You can't deny that she is an amazing actress and artist. She has amazing talent. Julia Roberts is in the same crappy love story mushy movies everytime. She's a good actress, but Bjork (Who WASN'T EVEN NOMINATED) and Ellen Burstyn are WAY better actresses. I've said enough. -Calms Down-

Yes, and it wasn't stupid...IT WAS ORIGINAL! Everyone basically wears the same crap everytime and she wore something cool. It's stylish, lol.

Yeah, if I was female I would have worn that joint. It was cool.

Dude, that was one of the dumbest dresses I've ever seen. Wearing a jumpsuit with Pepsi bottles taped all over it would be "original" too. Just because it's original, it doesn't mean it's not crap. It was very, very, very, very, very stupid.

It's all a matter of opinion. Mine being better than yours .

Eh, Shuddap eh yo face!

And besides, a dress with Pepsi bottles would be cool Even though i hate any carbonated drink. VERY bad for you, and Pepsi endorses bull fightings...that's a no no. Bull Fighting = Eviiiiiil.

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She could of ended up like her brother doing cheezy movies that only idiots want to watch.
What! Have you ever seen the Ambulance (Larry Cohen, 1990)? Eric Roberts is a Tour De Force in that flick full of energy and bags of charisma. Haven't seen many of his action films, Best of the Best was a good laugh!
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