For those of you who want to know the diferences between the US theatrical release of Quintin Tarentino's KILL BILL VOLUME ONE and the Japanese Theatrical release of the same film, I have just received and seen the DELUXE DVD BOX SET of this Japanese theatrical version of Tarentino's epic. First of all, the whole sequence of the Bride fighting Oren Ishi, Go Go Jabari & the Crazy 88's in the House of the Blue Leaves is completely in color and more violently explicit than in the US theatrical release which had the sequence partially in Black & White for censorship reasons. Also there is a short sequence in this middle portion of this part in which the Bride encounters the teenage Yakuza boy for the first time and kicks his butt without killing him. If you remember in the US theatrical version, this boy is the last standing of the Crazy 88's and all he gets is a spanking from the Bride(Lucky for him!) This first encounter was not in the US print. Neither is the torture interrogation sequence in which the Bride cuts off Sofie Fatale's other arm while she is in the trunk of the Bride's car! Other different scenes in this Japanese version are more explicit bloody violence in the Go Go Yubari flashback in which she cuts a man's inside in half and the Oren Ishi Anime sequence in which Oren slashes the belly of the Yakuza Boss who killed her parents. All in all the Japanese version is 5 minutes longer than the US release.
This DVD also have better Interactive menus than the US DVD release and it has better extras too like new interviews by Quintin Tarentino, Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Sonny Chiba, Julia Dreyfuss, Chiaki Kuriyama in English & Japanese. There is also featurettes on the Anime sequence with interviews with the Anime illustrators, featurettes of the making of the film, cast & crew information, trailers, annd even a section where you can go directly to the major 7 action sequences in the film! This Box set also has a 1/10 scale of the Hatori Hanzo sword; the Okinawa T Shirt Uma Thurman wears in the film, a small action figure of the Bride in her yellow jumpsuit and a 16 page booklet on the film in a great big slip case DVD cover.
My only gripe is why here in the US we get a bear bones DVD release of KILL BILL with practically no frills exept trailers, a music video and a small featurette, when the Japanese get this DELUXE DVD BOX SET that has better extras, menus and covers than the US version? But I only recommend this DVD if you have a Region Free DVD player since this is a Region 4 PAL DVD release.

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