Although Warner Home Video has been one year late in sending out this 30th Anniversary DVD 2 Disc release of the Bruce Lee classic ENTER THE DRAGON, it is a very welcome edition of this Kung Fu classic. First of all, it has a great cover in bright red with the original theatrical poster on it in a very good slip case DVD. The film has been newly Digitally remastered for this 30th Anniversary edition, although I compared this edition with the previous 25 th Anniversary DVD of this film and they both look the same in video & audio quality with almost no differences between them. This DVD set has the same features & extras that the previous 25th Anniversary DVD of ENTER THE DRAGON had, including the audio commentary by co-producer Paul Heller & screenwriter Michael Allin. It's too bad Warners couldn't do a new and second audio commentary on this DVD with actors John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Bob Wall and Linda Lee Caldwell to give their recollections about the making of this film.
The only "new" features on this 2 DVD set are a new documentary on the Making of Enter The Dragon called Blood And Steel( which was the original shooting title for the film), an interview gallery with Bruce's widow, Linda Lee Caldwell; Vintage home movie footage with Lee in his backyard practicing & teaching Jeet Kune Do. The second DVD disc has the two previously released on DVD documentaries: Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey in which John Little reconstructs the lost Game of Death footage and Bruce Lee:The Curse of the Dragon narrated by George Takei, as well as multiple Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots of this film.
As I previously told you, there is very little new material on this comemerative DVD set,but it's selling for a good price( I got it for $19.99) and if you don't have the two Bruce Lee documentaries on DVD, then this DVD is the one to get and you could discard your previous DVD copy of Enter The Dragon.