Review of DVD of Johnny Quest First Season


I have just received and seen the DVD Box Set of Hanna Barbera's Jonny Quest First Season (1964-65) that contains all 26 episodes on six discs. The final disc has extras such as a Featurette on the Making of Jonny Quest, The Animation on Jonny Quest, a Special Pop Up Info Version of the Episode Double Danger and a Jonny Quest Commercial from the 1960's. The episodes look just great in video and audio and the only thing lacking is audio commentary on these episodes by Tim Matheson (Animal House, West Wing) who did the voice of Jonny when he was a child actor in the 1960's as well as other surviving members of the cast & crew that would have given us Jonny Quest fans insight on the making of this show. But still I consider this DVd Box Set a great buy for fans of the series.

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Are you kidding me? Johnny Quest?

Oh sorry, it's the first season.

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Don't rag on Johnny!! Some of us older folks feel a certain nostalgia about shows like this.
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